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And a new school year begins ...

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And a new school year begins ... Empty And a new school year begins ...

One just like many many others that had come before. Nothing would be different this time. I would be taught topics that I had already learnt and walk with the same students as before. It was so monotonous and one of the downsides to being eternally seventeen. The only relief was that there were only two more years until I graduated for the umpteemth time.

It never fails to amaze and disgust me in equal parts how shallow the minds of teenagers are. I won't deny that that's a generalisation but I could count the exceptions to that statement on one hand. I can hardly differentiate between the thoughts of most of them. I think that's enough lamenting for today.

I came across this song when I was listening to music on shuffle and I was surprised because I hadn't heard any AC/DC songs in a while. Give it a listen:

Hearing that song brought back memories from when I went to see AC/DC perform live and I particularly remember that song because of how overwhelmed I was by the smell of the blood of all the humans packed around me. The bloodlust that comes with the scent always reminds me of that song and vice versa. I remember how horrified I was with myself and how terribly difficult it was to restrain myself from plunging my teeth into the neck of the girl that was dancing against me. Needless to say I avoided gigs for a while after that.

Esme's calling me. I'll write a new post sometime soon. Let me know what you think of the song. Are you an AC/DC fan? Do you have any songs that bring particular things to mind?
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